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Discovering Sydney

Sydney, the financial capital of Australia. In other words most hustle bustle city of Australia. It is considered that Sydney is one of the most happening cities in Australia. We will find out. My journey to Sydney started in Melbourne. There are various ways you can reach Sydney. Flights, Trains, Buses are the most frequentlyContinue reading “Discovering Sydney”

Hackathon – Why What Wow ?

It was Friday, 7th of September 2018, there were close to 200+ participants, visitors, mentors, problem solvers thronging into Telstra Lab’s venue at Exhibition street, Melbourne for #GovHack2018. It was no ordinary hackathon, it was GovHack which is an annual Open Data competition held across Australia. In 46 hours teams created a project page, proof of conceptContinue reading “Hackathon – Why What Wow ?”

Upcoming wonderings

Trip to Bali

Trip to Tasmania

Trip to Warnambool

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